Genoa Associates, LLC

Participant comments from previous engagements...

"Very good session and pleased with (the) outcome."

"Genoa Associates provided sound coaching and advice during the engagement."

"Doug - you do a great job of keeping the forum moving, good number of breaks, adding some humor, and keeping the meeting upbeat."

"Doug is a great, natural facilitator!"

"Engagement pricing was of fair value."

"Excellent facilitation from Doug."

"I would recommend Genoa Associates to colleagues, suppliers, and customers."

"I would use Genoa Associates again."

"Pratt!!  Great call as a facilitator!"

"Very well facilitated and time managed."

"In a very short time frame, Doug Pratt has had a profound impact on our organization.  Doug has very effectively introduced  project management tools to the SpringHill organization that will enable us to address projects in a thorough, efficient, and organized fashion.  The ultimate result will be the improvement in our ability to serve our customers.   In an organization such as SpringHill, where resources are minimal, the systematic approach that Doug has so professionally brought to our leadership team will help us to reach more kids with better programs.  I highly recommend that any company, organization, or ministry take advantage of the services that Doug Pratt provides.  It will transform the way they do business in a very positive way."   V. P. and Director, SpringHill Camps, Indiana