Genoa Associates, LLC

Leadership development... 

Nothing happens without good leadership.  The quality and abilities of your organization's leaders will determine the performance of your organization, the quality of its products and services, customer satisfaction, profitability, shareholder satisfaction, the health and safety of your employees, and ultimately, your organization's potential and future health.

With management focusing on the efficiencies of workflows and processes, leadership must focus on organizational effectiveness, people, and change.  At the simplest definition, leadership is about influencing others.  Great leaders lead people to levels they previously thought impossible.

Are great leaders 'born' or can they be developed? Genoa Associates firmly believe great leaders are developed over time by perfecting key leadership skills, abilities, and behaviors.

There is no better investment in your organization than a solid and ongoing pursuit of the development of skills, abilities, and behaviors of the leaders of your organization. 

To date, Genoa Associates have conducted over forty Leadership Development Forums for over 1300 leaders, in several locations of the U.S.A., Belgium, Wales, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, and Thailand.  Over 2,300 'participant leadership development days' have been provided.

The experience of Genoa Associates can help you in this all-important effort.