Genoa Associates, LLC

Our a metaphor

On a sloop-rigged sailboat, the forward-most sail in front of the mainsail is called the 'jib' sail.  When the jib sail is enlarged (at times up to 150%), it is commonly referred to as a 'genoa'.  Due to its size and shape, the genoa sail catches much more wind than a traditionally-sized jib sail, thereby providing  significantly more power and speed.  The genoa sail also improves the aerodynamics and efficiency of the mainsail.  As the genoa sail improves the effectiveness of the mainsail and provides additional power and speed to the sailing vessel, so it is with Genoa Associates.  Our resources, experience, and skill increase the effectiveness of an organization's leadership team, its operations, and major change initiatives thereby allowing the organization to move forward with greater clarity, power, and speed while serving its customers with improved satisfaction.