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Text Box: Douglas R. Pratt, BSEE, MBA, P.E.

A native of central Michigan, Doug began his career in a plant engineering team at the Dow Corning Corporationís Midland Michigan Plant as an electrical power engineer.  After various roles in Plant Engineering and Corporate Facilities Engineering, he moved to Dow Corning's Elizabethtown, Kentucky Plant into engineering and maintenance leadership roles there, and later became the siteís Material Flow Logistic and Supply Manager.  He has held several key leadership roles at other Dow Corning locations including, Site Production Manager (Greensboro, NC), Site Manager (Huguenot, NY), Methyl Fluids Business Global Manufacturing, Quality, and Supply Manager (Dow Corning Center, Midland, MI), Methyl Fluids Technology Center Manager, Site Manager of the Dow Corning Healthcare Industries Materials Site (Hemlock, MI), and Site Manager and Director of Dow Corning Ltd. (Barry, Wales, U.K.). 

Reporting to Dow Corning's Chairman and CEO, Doug led Dow Corning's global implementation of Six Sigma Process Excellence as its Director, later becoming its Six Sigma Executive Consultant.  He continues to provide consultative expertise and project leadership to a variety of organizations through leadership expertise and leadership development forums.   

Graduating from Michigan Technological University with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering Doug also received an officers commission in the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.  He later obtained a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisville.  He has been a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Michigan since 1976 and has served on Dr. Richard J. Schonberger's Advisory Board for Manufacturing Excellence, has spoken at various WCBF seminars and Marcus Evans seminars, and shared his thoughts in various publications such as Chemical Processing Magazine where he serves as an expert in their 'Ask the Expert' series.  He has led key campaigns and activities of the United Way, Voluntary Action Committee, Habitat for Humanity, and his church. 

Doug enjoys sports, bicycling, motorcycling, cross country skiing, golf, and home improvement projects.  His passion is sailing the Great Lakes and spending time with his family.