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Six Sigma...what is it??

Six Sigma is much more than the application of statistical tools aimed to improve quality and reduce defects and waste. 

It is a leadership philosophy centered on the complete understanding and satisfaction of the customer's requirements through the use of fact-based and data-based decision making.

Six Sigma ensures all efforts are customer-focused and aligned, aimed to improve existing processes, products, and services to perform at near perfection (less than 3.4 defects per million opportunities).  'Design for Six Sigma' (DFSS) ensures that the creation of new processes, products, and services do likewise, with minimal, if any, 'improvements' necessary after launch by thoroughly defining customer requirements (D), measuring those requirements (M), exploring various ways to satisfy those requirements (E), developing solutions (D), and implementing solutions to satisfy the customer's requirements (I).  'DMEDI' had been proven to help companies develop new products and solutions right the first time.

The term 'Six Sigma', taken from statistics by early practitioners at Motorola, implies that there are six standard deviations (sigma) between the average, or mean, of a product or service performance, and the metric of the nearest critical customer requirement.

The Six Sigma methodology has helped hundreds of companies and organizations of all sizes realize unparalleled quality, profitability, and customer satisfaction (e.g. General Electric, Bank of America, The Dow Chemical Co., Dupont, Dow Corning, Bank of America, etc.). 

Six Sigma involves defining the issue thoroughly (D), measuring it (M), and analyzing the data (A), before making any changes or improvements (I).  Finally, it puts in place control plans and measures (C) to ensure improvements last over time.  This sequence of problem solving activity is commonly referred to as 'DMAIC' and uses proven tools and techniques.

Genoa Associates can help your organization's leadership team fully understand and successfully implement the culture-changing initiative of Six Sigma.


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