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Vision / Mission / Strategy development...

Nothing can be accomplished without the clearly communicated vision of the organization's leader.  It acts as a compass, showing the way forward.

How is a sound 'vision' developed?  Where does it come from?  How is it anchored by the leader's values?  How is it communicated?  Unless the leader's vision is well developed and clearly communicated and understood, it cannot be realized, and the organization cannot progress.  Is your 'vision' clearly communicated and understood at all levels of your organization?

Vision and mission are often mistaken to be basically the same.  They are not.  A leader's vision looks into the future.  It is unrealized.  A mission describes what an organization does.  An organization's strategy details how the vision will be accomplished.  Clear communication and understanding of all these elements is critical to progress, growth, and success.

Genoa Associates can help your organization assess your current vision, mission, and strategies for alignment with customer needs and requirements.  They can assist in their development or refinement through the use of proven tools and techniques.